SoundCloud Brings Special Discounted Pricing For Students

SoundCloud is a big name in the audio industry, where you can see all the independent artists uploading their music alongside the regular mainstream and commercial tracks. Today, this music streaming company has made it very easy for the students to avail the service at a reasonable cost of just $4.99 SoundCloud Go+ subscription instead of $9.99.

SoundCloud believes that the younger audience holds the key for the further growth of the company. This is simply because the students make up for a large majority of listeners, who could be in schools or undergoing their graduation from various universities. Also, they are the highest consumers of music compared to non-conventional users who may not stick around as much as the young listeners.

Techcrunch reported:

All the major streaming services today — including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music Unlimited — offer special student pricing. They know that getting younger users hooked on their product early is an investment in the future — when the student graduates, they’ll hopefully want to continue using the service where they’ve spent so much of their time and energy. And they’ll pay the higher rate then.

The new student subscriptions will include the perks that come with the flagship Go+ premium offering, like ad-free listening, track downloads for offline listening, high-quality audio and access to SoundCloud’s full catalog of now more than 200 million tracks, which includes originals, DJ sets, remixes and more.

The discounted SoundCloud GO+ service is now available in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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