“Rewarded Products” By Google Will Help App Developers To Make Money

Google has introduced a new way for developers to earn money called “Rewarded Products”. This new service will give all the Android App developers an opportunity to get money from users who are not willing to pay for their Apps. This new scheme will not only help the developers add a new source of income, but also help the users to discover new stuff if they are willing to invest the time in this.

The program will give developers the tools to include a video in their games or other Apps. So, if a user decides to watch the video, the developer will earn the money for every click and the user will also reap the benefits for that particular App and earn rewards. This makes it a win-win situation for both ends of the App eco-system and it can possibly eliminate some of the frustration of the developers.

Techcrunch reported:

The feature may make developers happy, but it remains to be seen how users react. Reception will depend on how the videos are introduced in the app.

Even in Google’s example of the rewarded product in action — meant to showcase a best-design practice, one would think — the video interrupts gameplay between levels with a full-screen takeover. This is not a scenario users would respond well to unless this was presented as the only way to play a popular, previously paid-only game for free, perhaps.

Rewarded products offer those developers an alternative path to monetization on a platform where that’s often been more difficult, outside of running ads. Google says the rewarded video product is launching into open beta, and is available in the Play Console for developers.

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