New Reports Claim That AirPods 2 Can Be Purchased From 29th March

We have seen some reports of AirPods 2 recently that it could come up by the first half of 2019 while some said that it will not be available until the fall of this year. A new report has emerged online that says that Apple will make the AirPods available to the public as soon as March 29. This is really interesting as Apple will also be holding an event next month that could have some mention about this wearable device.

Apple had recently announced that it will be unveiling the news subscription service at an event on March 25th. The news service will be a first from the company that will give its readers a healthy dose of updates from around the globe. As this event will be specifically focussed on the news subscription service, there is a very little chance that Apple will announce anything related to the AirPods 2. But, the company has confirmed that it will stop the sales of the original AirPods next month and focus only on the next version.

Macrumors reported:

Listings for New AirPods were also added to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s regulatory database in November, suggesting a refreshed version of the accessory could be coming soon.

Apple is planning to hold a services-focused event on March 25, making it sound likely that an AirPods announcement won’t feature, however Apple could choose instead to announce an update via a press release.

The new AirPods are expected to include wireless charging support and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity, while other unsubstantiated rumors claim the new earbuds could have “health monitoring” features and a special matte coating to enhance grip.

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