iPhone Repairs Just Got Cheaper After Apple Approves Third-Party Batteries

Good news for all the iPhone users as Apple has made third-party battery fitted iPhones eligible for repairs. This means that the overall cost of repairing an iPhone goes down considerably from before and there will be no restrictions if you want to get your iPhone repaired from an Apple Authorised Service Center.

This new change took effect from Feb 28th and is now valid across all Apple service centers in the world. The best part about this change is that the iPhone users will not be charged any extra amount for repairs if the Apple technicians are not able to remove the battery or if the battery is damaged in the unit and the users will only be charged for the unit.

Apart from this, if the tabs on the battery are not working or damaged, the charges will be only applied for the battery replacement by the service centers. In a way, this is a huge relief for many iPhone users considering they face a repair situation on this expensive smartphone at any point of time and not actually end up spending more money on repairs than needed.

Kay-Kay Clapp, director of communications for iFixit said:

This decision proves that now, more than ever, the third-party repair ecosystem is an integral part of maintaining Apple’s high-quality customer experience. If Apple is getting enough third-party repaired phones for a policy change, they clearly don’t have the reach or capacity to maintain all the iPhones that they’ve sold. All of us, including Apple, benefit from the service provided by the repair community.

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