Google Is Working On Foldable Phone, Shows New Patent

A new patent has emerged online that shows that Google is developing its own version of foldable smartphone. This could be first for the company where the hardware manufacturing will not be outsourced and made entirely by Google itself. Foldable smartphones are catching the imagination of people with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Google surely does not want to stay behind in this race.

One of the illustration in the patent shows a folding smartphone with a “human face” displayed on it. Google could be developing their own technology for the folding display and make it more durable and damage proof against repeated folds. Other illustration shows the same concept with a “Z-Fold” which looks highly impossible to create and something out of a sci-fi movie. But anything could be possible considering it is Google that we are talking about.

The Verge reported:

It’s not clear whether Google would ever build such a thing or why we’d want a Z-fold, but the survivability of folding phones is definitely still an open question. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is rated to survive “hundreds of thousands” of folds, while Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning is developing a glass screen that can be folded and, it hopes, will be more durable than existing plastic solutions.

It’s important to mention that Google’s patent doesn’t even mention the word “phone” once. Instead it refers to how the display could be used by “modern computing devices.” That sounds to me like it’s talking about phones to us, but it could refer to tablets, or even laptops, assuming Google is still working on tablets and laptops anymore.

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