Google Launches Stadia, A Game Streaming Service For All Devices

We recently saw Google working on a game controller for its game streaming service, which was scheduled to be unveiled soon. The day has finally come and Google launched its cloud based game service “Stadia” today at the currently running Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The service was introduced by none other than Sundar Pichai and also happened to be Google’s first appearance at the GDC.

The service will let users play all the high graphics and RAM consuming games on any device without the need of gaming consoles or any kind of gaming hardware. This is a major development considering all the cons that come with the hardware where people end up buying consoles as they can’t game on their device due to insufficient hardware and software compatibility.

Google Stadia will run every game through their cloud service which would be powered by AMD graphics. So, there will be no need on the user’s end to worry about the graphics and they just need to click into the service and start playing. Google will also be providing a separate game controller for streaming on Stadia, that will come with its own unique features like Google Assistant with microphone and capture button.

9to5Google reported:

Stadia itself is comprised of a custom 2.7GHz hyperthreaded x86 CPUs, while Google also worked with AMD on a custom GPU, which features 56 compute units. There is 16 GB of combined VRAM and system RAM, with performance rated at 10.7 Teraflops of power. For comparison, the Xbox One X is 6.0 teraflops, while the PS4 Pro is 4.2.

Powered by Linux, it supports the Vulkan graphics API and Google partnered with Unreal to fully support the Stadia platform.

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