Google Is Developing A Game Controller For Its Game Streaming Service

A new patent has revealed the details of Google’s game controller for its upcoming game streaming service. Google plans to include this service in the Chrome browsers and users can play and stream games by opening the browser on the desktop. The patent illustrating the hardware for the controller shows to have notification systems for new game requests and also seems to have a dedicated button for Google Assistant.

The controller, as shown in the design, has a dual-joystick setup, shoulder and trigger buttons and a directional d-pad and gameplay buttons. There is also a button which triggers the microphone input for the Google Assistant.

The information about the game streaming service came out in February, where it said that the controller would also work on Google Chromecast compatible devices. It is currently codenamed “Yeti” and will be very similar to the game streaming services offered by Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Sony’s PlayStation Now.

Digit reported:

As mentioned earlier, Google is working on Project Stream, a game streaming service, which debuted with a test run of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. A handful of players got to participate in the tests, which enabled them to play the game via Google Chrome. The public testing of this gaming service concluded last month and the company is expected to make some announcements about it at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Google isn’t the only company working on a game streaming service. Amazon is also reportedly building a cloud-based game streaming service that could be announced by 2020. Microsoft too wants to get into the game streaming space with its Project xCloud service, which is slated to enter public testing this year.

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