Apple Starts Sending Invites For March 25 Event

Apple will be hosting an event on March 25 at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino and has started sending out invites to all the reporters from reputed news publications. Sources claim that the event would mainly focus on Apple’s new video streaming service, competing against Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video. We may also get a glimpse of the upcoming AirPods 2 and the 5th Generation iPad.

The email invite sent by the company also features a small animated reel which possibly indicates about the unveiling of video streaming. The animation starts with a countdown from 4 and ends with the Apple logo with “It’s show time” written below.

Apple’s video streaming platform will make a huge difference for the company considering their overall revenue. It could also give big players like Netflix a run for the money if not some competition that would be very interesting to see.

Techcrunch reported:

Apple has been seeding a ton of TV shows and delivering plenty of announcements about the content that it has in the pipeline, but we’ve strangely heard quite little about the underlying platform or subscription that Apple has planned beyond media reports.

There’s also been some discussion about a subscription business for Apple News being announced here, but given the somewhat overt marketing references to the video service, the news product might either not be quite ready or could be playing second fiddle to the video announcements. Speaking of back burner, hardware announcements feel unlikely, though AirPower and a second-generation AirPods feel long overdue.

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