Apple Releases New Ad For “Privacy”

Apple is taking Privacy on iPhones very seriously and shows its importance in the new advertisement. The ad focuses on the everyday life and instances where humans are the most concerned about compromising their privacy, eventually comparing it to an iPhone and the commercial ends with the words “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

The ad is going to air in U.S tonight and also across many other countries with respect to the time zones. It is a 45-second long spot that shows a series of events that shows people in awkward situations and wishing to have some privacy. Apple has not mentioned much in the ad, with only visual cues and just a a single line of content that says “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.”

Techcrunch reported:

Beginning a few years ago, CEO Tim Cook began taking more and more public stances on what the company felt to be your “rights” to privacy on their platform and how that differed from other companies.

The App Store itself, of course, still hosts apps from Google and Facebook among thousands of others that use personal data of yours in one form or another. Apple’s argument is that it protects the data you give to your phone aggressively by processing on the device, collecting minimal data, disconnecting that data from the user as much as possible and giving users as transparent a control interface as possible. All true. All far, far better efforts than the competition.

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