Apple Launches Streaming And News Services – Apple TV+ And Apple News+

Apple came out with plenty of new services at the “Show Time” event today, the frontrunner being the Apple TV+ streaming service followed by the Apple News+ subscription service. The other services unveiled by Apple include Apple Arcade, Apple Credit Card and Apple Pay for transit systems.

The Apple TV+ service will bring forward original shows and movies similar to what Netflix offers on its mobile and web Apps. The company has partnered with the top minds in the hollywood industry to create original content for the subscribed users and Apple has also shown a video previews of the shows in this service.

Techcrunch reported:

The company already had a long list of titles in development, which will hopefully put all your “Carpool Karaoke” jokes to rest. They include an “Amazing Stories” reboot executive produced by Steven Spielberg, an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic “Foundation” books and “The Morning Show,” a drama set in the morning TV industry starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

The Apple News+ service will offer over 300 newspapers and magazines at the price of $9.99 monthly subscription. Users will get access to all the top content from the around the world from publications like The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times among others.

Speaking about News+, Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

When we created Apple news over three years ago, we wanted to provide the best way to read the news on your iPhone and iPad.And we felt we can make a difference in the way that news is experienced and understood — a place where the news would come from trusted sources and be curated by experts

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