Apple Is Handing Out 10% Extra Credits To Users Adding Money In Account

Apple is giving a limited time offer to all of its iTunes and App Store users, where they will receive an extra 10% cash on loading up money in their account for purchases. But it is only valid if the users transfer the money from the bank into their account ranging from USD $1-$200. This means a user will receive a $20 bonus on recharging their account with a maximum amount of $200.

The users will only be able to avail this offer once and the bonus won’t credit on the the money loaded up after using this offer. The offer is running from March 10th to March 14th and it cannot be taken advantage of after this period. So, users have a few more days now if they wish to receive the extra credits in their account.

The Verge reported on the steps to follow for this unique offer:

Users can add money to their accounts if they dig into their phone’s settings: you first must go into settings, then to iTunes & App Store. From there, you click on your Apple ID, and then View Apple ID. Finally, on that screen, you can click on Add Funds to Apple ID, which announces the bonus, and shows you what your balance is. Adding $10 will get you an extra dollar. Adding $100 nets you an additional $10, with the limit being $200. Clicking on one of the options will prompt you to pay with Touch ID.

This offer is also available in countries outside of the United States, where a country like Germany is offering upto 15% in credits.

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