WhatsApp Rolls Out Face ID And Touch ID Unlock For iPhone

WhatsApp had been recently working on a update to bring fingerprint and face unlock for its Android and iOS users. The update has finally rolled out for iOS users today and users can make use of Face ID and Touch ID to setup the lock for accessing the App. Users who still don’t have this features need to update their WhatsApp iOS App to the latest version of 2.19.20.

This new features will help millions of WhatsApp users to have an extra layer of security for their private chats. The protection won’t work for individual chats, but it will give you complete flexibility to make use of your iPhone’s security features and not worry anymore about your personal chats being read by someone else.

After you setup the lock on your iPhone , the notifications and quick reply for the chats can still be seen if you have turned on the display previews options. So, you need to be careful about that and only keep it on if you wish to. You can change your WhatsApp lock to Face ID or Touch Id by heading over to the settings option of the App, where you can turn the Screen lock on. This is mentioned in the updated App Store description as:

You can now require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp. Tap “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy” and enable Screen Lock.

For unlocking WhatsApp, the users will have three options to choose from: one minute, 15 minutes or 1 hour. Based on your choice, the App will unlock only after the specified duration and if you fail to unlock, the App will ask you to manually enter the passcode for access.

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