VlC 4.0 Confirmed With Updated UI And Features For VR And 3D

VLC has announced that they are planning an newer version of the media player this year and it will be have an all new user interface with changes in features and fresh upgrades. The company spoke about this at the FOSDEM 2019 event today describing all the big changes that are coming to this popular open source media player used by millions of people around the globe.

The VLC 4.0 version will be codenamed “Otto Chriek” and it will launch with the most advanced features that we have ever seen in any media player in the market. The refreshed design will be one of the major things taking place for VLC, which hasn’t changes far much in the recent years. So fans can expect a renewed experience with heir favourite and flexible media player.

The design changes will take effect across multiple platforms like Windows 10, KDE Plasm and many others. The lead developer of VLC, Jean-Baptiste Kempf spoke in depth about the new upgrades and according to ghacks.net:

VLC Media Player 4.0 will feature interface changes, changes to the video output architecture, media library, input and playlists, virtual reality and 3D support, and more.

The new version of the media player comes with a new input manager that manages inputs. One of the advantages of using a new input manager is that VLC supports gapless audio; the change goes hand in hand with a rewrite of the playlist which is now flat and fast because of that.

Another important change is coming to the clock. The current clock is based on input-PCR controlling. VLC 4.0 switches the clock system to one that uses different clocks for different purposes. The effect, without going into too much detail, is that it benefits synchronization, improves frame accuracy, and eliminates resampling.

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