Top 5 Ad Blocker Apps For iOS

Whether you are browsing the web or you are using your favourite Apps, you just don’t want to see those annoying Ads that spring out of nowhere. Ad blockers are the best Apps to have in this situation, which will keep you away from these interruptions at all costs. So the next time you are playing a game on your iOS device or doing some important research work on the web, all you need is to check out our list of five best Ad blocker Apps for iOS and download the one that suits your need.

1Blocker Legacy

One of the most useful Ad blockers out there to have a smooth browsing experience on your iPhone or iPad. Gert rid of all the the unwanted content on web pages with the use of this App and also block trackers from spying on your activity and information. The best part is that you can download 1Blocker Legacy for absolutely zero cost and it is definitely worth the try in our opinion.

Content Blocker+

Use this App for its ease of convenience and a very minimalistic user interface. All the options can be accessed quickly and the navigation is user friendly too. It can boost the speeds of your Safari browsing instantly and also improve the overall battery health of your phone at the same time. You can download the App for free on the App Store.


Purify allows you to remove all the clutter from your browser like magic and you will be happy that it lives up to that name. It incredibly improves your browser speed by up to 4 times and saves up by almost 50 percent of your data. What else do you need? Also, you can choose to remain completely anonymous and secure by switching off the trackers while you browse. You can download the App for $1.99 on the App Store.

Weblock: adblock & proxy

With over more than 7,50,000 App downloads worldwide and ranked #1 Ad blocking application for iOS, this App is a surely a winner. It will block all the popups and forced Ads that come your way while browsing on Safari or any other browser for that matter. You can have your own settings for each option and sync them without a blink across all your iOS devices. Weblock is free to download from the App Store.


Flushing out all the frustrating Ads from the browser is just a touch away with the TouchBlocker App. With a single tap, you can eliminate the need to do any thing else and watch all the Ads disappear from videos, sites and Apps instantly. The result is you saving a lot of time and phone battery and also not exhausting your monthly data like before. Works great with Safari and other browsers for the best ad-free experience and completely free to download on the App Store.

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