Samsung Finally Unveils Its Galaxy Fold Smartphone, Priced At $1,980

After much speculation and rumours in the media, Samsung has finally unpacked its Galaxy Fold smartphone at its Galaxy unpacked event today. The foldable concept was previously thought to be a non-practical and dreamy, but the company has turned it into reality and made it the first ever foldable phone in the world. The phone also happens to be the first with 5G capabilities for a smartphone alongside the other newly launched Galaxy S10 phones.

Just like you would have imagined, Galaxy Fold looks like a usual smartphone phone but it opens up in the middle to convert into a tablet. You can do all the tasks for an Android phone on the cover screen which is 4.6″ and the main screen which is 7.3″ in size. This device will run on 64-bit octa-core processor with a storage capacity of 512GB and RAM capacity of 12GB.

9to5Google reports:

The Cover Display features very significant top and bottom bezels, while this Infinity Flex screen is rated at “hundreds of thousands” folds before wearing out and features a flexible OLED panel with the cover glass replaced by an “advanced composite polymer.” The hinge mechanism features multiple interlocking gears.

Design-wise, the open screen is edge-to-edge save for an oblong partition — or corner notch — in the top-right that houses two front-facing cameras and various sensors. When closed, the two sides do not fully touch, with a partial gap between.

Galaxy Fold will be widely available for purchase from the 24th of April and come in the colours of Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue.

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