Quiz Pursuit For iOS And Android – How Good Is Your General Knowledge?

How often do you play quiz games and imagine that you could do much better? We all want to keep learning and expanding our general knowledge on variety of topics and be the best. Quiz Pursuit, by Edutainment Inc is an amazing quiz App that has millions of questions ranging from multiple topics like sports, movies and much more. You can also challenge your friends with trivia and score high points by answering as many questions possible.

Content And Features

The App has three modes for the Quiz which you can play instantly and start answering the questions. Do remember that there is a time limit for answering them and if you don’t answer on time or leave a wrong answer, you won’t be rewarded for it. Still, you can continue answering the further questions and challenge your IQ. You can go for free play, levels or challenges mode where each one will offer a different experience and you can keep pushing yourself to go through different levels and earn more points by inviting friends for challenges.

Display And Appearance

Quiz Pursuit has a very simple interface and you can play the quiz right away from the home screen. The colour theme is not as vivid as expected, and the developers could use more vibrant colours to make the App appealing to the gamers. Still, the App works perfectly well without any glitches and answering the quiz becomes more interesting with each passing level.

Final Verdict – This game really shines because of the vast collection of questions and you can hardly find any of them getting repeated. It stays true to the quiz genre, without making it boring or tiring after a certain period. The game takes only 12MB of your phone space, while giving you so much to learn on a daily basis. We rate it 10/10.

You can download Quiz Pursuit from Google Play Store and App Store.

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