Now Simply “Tap And Hold” On An App Icon To Install It From Google Play Store

Google has made it convenient for its users by adding a new way to download or purchase Apps on the Play Store, with an easy “tap and hold” function. Earlier, the users had to press a tiny overflow button on the top right corner of the displayed App on the home screen of the Play Store. This was not very practical for the users who are already aware what the App does and they had to go into the App description page and then hit the download button.

The new feature is also a part of the process to make the Play Store less sophisticated and more user friendly in the coming months. Google has been keeping busy by bringing new material design and other changes in several of its Apps since the last year including YouTube, Gmail, Duo, Maps. So one could say that Google is definitely uplifting the user experience of each App and keeping it in line with the changing scenario of how an App should look and feel to the users.

9to5Google reported:

Google is replacing it with a “tap & hold” gesture that appears to be widely available today. Slowly rolling out in recent weeks, it replaces the overflow icon, with users seeing an introductory prompt when it’s first available in their Play Store.

Meanwhile, instead of a popup menu, there is a new bottom sheet that features an app icon, name, review score, and rating. There is a big dark green “Install” button and “Not interested” above it.

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