Meet The New Animated Netflix Logo

Netflix has unveiled a new animated logo, one which usually shows up at the start of its TV Shows and movies. The logo had been in the works since the past two years, and has been collaborated by the in-house design team of the company along with an independent agency. The new logo will come into affect across all content on Netflix from 1st February.

The company says that the inspiration for this new logo came from thumbnails of the original shows, which when tilted sideways look like a “spectrum of light”. The designers term the new animation as an “indent” as it shows the “N” symbol transform into something of a barcode like visual that will be observed by the users at the start of each episode.

Netflix spoke more on this in their blog post:

The world has come to love the former ident animation. It’s memorable, friendly and instantly recognizable. So why change it now?

Simply put, we’ve evolved, and wanted to update this signature brand moment to reflect the many choices our fans enjoy today.

The former ident was introduced nearly five years ago when we first started making Netflix originals. We were available in only a handful of countries then. Today, our shows, films and specials span across genres and cultures. Our members from around the world watch them in English, Thai, Italian, Spanish and more.

The new ident animation reflects the diversity and variety of our content. Our favorite part is when the Netflix symbol breaks out into an array of colors–which is inspired by the spectrum of stories, emotions, languages, fans and creators that collectively make up who we are as a brand

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