Leaked Video Gives A Glimpse Of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

A new video that has been accidentally leaked by Samsung appears to be of an upcoming smartphone from the company. It is not just the usual one, but the first foldable device called Galaxy Fold that the company is expected to launch on February 20 alongside Galaxy S10 phones. Samsung seemed to have no clue about it and quickly removed the video, which anyways got viral on social media.

Lot of companies are now foraying into the foldable segment, with the Chinese giant Xiaomi displaying their upcoming foldable smartphone and what it can do in a video that was published by the company recently. Also, Huawei and Apple have expressed their plans for a 5G enable foldable phone that could launch this year. So it would be great to see how these companies fare with each other once the devices come in the market.

Twitter user named Ishan Agarwal posted the Galaxy Fold video and screenshots for the fans to check out:

OMG! It seems like Samsung has shown us the foldable phone in its newest video which it seems to have deleted now. Watch the video below now and see the screenshots from the video in the next tweet showing Galaxy F/Fold.
#GalaxyFold #GalaxyF #Samsung #FoladablePhone

Here the screen grabs where you can see thew Foldable Phone/Tablet in action. It could just be a futuristic concept from Samsung but let’s see how it turns out to be! I’m Super Excited! What about you?! Reply now!
#GalaxyFold #GalaxyF #Samsung #FoladablePhone

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