Latest iPhone Ad Shows Depth Control For iPhone XS And iPhone XR

A new Ad from Apple gives an insight into the depth control mode for the camera on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. If you happen to own one of these phones, you already know about how to use this setting to adjust the background blur in an image. As shown in the Ad, you can quickly adjust the image to make the background sharp or out of focus after you click the picture.

The depth control works great on the picture clicked in Portrait mode, as seen in this new advertisement. After adjusting the background, the image appears as if it has come out and stands out from the rest of the background making it look different and appealing to the eyes. Apple had introduced the depth control option with iOS 12 during the launch of iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

A report on phonearena describes the vivid details of the Ad:

The commercial opens on a very busy street in New York City. A cab is dropping off a fare while a workman is welding on a platform, and a man operates a hot dog cart. People are walking up and down the boulevard when a woman wearing a scarf appears, the subject of a portrait. We hear the shutter as the photo is taken, and we see the picture on the screen of an iPhone. The background goes from blurred to sharp and then slightly burred as the iPhone owner uses the slider on the screen to adjust the blur.

With the background blurred, you can see that the subject of the portrait stands out. When the background is sharp, all of the activity in the background takes the eyes away from the subject, especially with such a busy and active scene.

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