iPhone X and iPhone XS Users Are Unhappy With The Flashlight Button On Lock Screen

Several iPhone X and iPhone XS users are complaining about a feature which they have started to dislike, the flashlight option on the lock screen. It seems that the flashlight turns on automatically with the users having no clue about it and they have started complaining on social media like Twitter and Facebook about the issue.

Some users said that the flashlight turns on when they slide it out of their pockets each time making the ordeal very frustrating. Others users said that the flashlight turns on even when the iPhone is in their pockets and they had to be alerted by the crowd who spotted the light beaming out from their pants. The problem is making things worse as it is draining the battery of iPhones very heavily, leaving the users disappointed and helpless on this situation.

The flashlight keeps on triggering in my pants front pocket. It drains my battery and I end noticing the light is on when the phone becomes very hot. How can I remove this short cut from the lock screen ?

When I’m just walking with my phone or holding it, my hand just so happens to be all over the screen. People ask me all the time, ‘Do you know your flashlight is on?’ I’ve gotten used to it.”

The flashlight switches on suddenly at any point of time, without even tapping the button on the lock screen and this is a major concern for Apple and they will certainly look to resolve it soon. The best option could be removing the flashlight button completely from the lock screen, which ideally is the need of the hour for the 488 affected iPhone users.

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