iPhone SE 2 Is Expected To Launch This Year

New reports on Apple are pointing to in the direction of iPhone SE 2, and is likely to be launched later this year. The iPhone SE was a marvellous phone with its small 4-inch screen and mesmerised a lot of owners back in the day. There were no relevant signs from Apple if they will even considering renewing this device, which now seems to be turning into reality.

The iPhone SE 2, which is a cheaper variant, could be a part of the three new iPhones that the Apple is planning to launch in 2019. So, in addition to working on the expensive iPhones, the company could be focussing more on these cheaper variants for the budget conscious buyers. It’s an ideal buy in the lower priced smartphone segment with the device having all the top-notch hardware packed into a small 4-inch device which also makes it very convenient to operate and carry.

The demand for an iPhone SE won’t be like how it used to be before but if it comes with all the latest functionalities and good specifications, the company can possibly generate decent revenue. Apple has been focussing more on the camera in their flagship iPhones, so one can also expect a better camera on iPhone SE 2 compared to the previous model.

Speaking about the cheaper models, the iPhone XR is doing great against iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and this could also be a reason why Apple is looking to invest more time and effort on iPhone SE 2. The launch could take place at Apple’s Annual September event in September 2019 alongside the new variants of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

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