Instagram Is Working On “Donation” Sticker For Stories

Instagram is testing yet another new feature for donations and this could benefit a huge number of people from the fundraising community. The company is working to build “donation stickers” which could be used in your day-to-day Instagram Stories. It is similar to how the current list if stickers work on this photo sharing platform and will offer the users to setup a donation request on behalf of someone in need.

The feature is expected to be like how Facebook offers tools for donation and fundraising and you could directly connect to the non-profit organisations from a list that would open up when you choose to use the sticker on your Stories. The company is aware of the value that this feature will bring to people who want to raise awareness and help people who are in need of charity.

The Verge reported:

Over the past few years, Instagram has been experimenting with what payments would look like on the platform, but it has so far only released test features to allow select users to book spa appointments and restaurant reservations.

Instagram is also reportedly working on a standalone shopping app, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for payment functionalities to also exist on Stories.

Currently, you don’t have the any kind of stickers to help you with donations and you can use the traditional way of having the link in your bio and directing your followers and viewers to check it. The donation sticker will make this process much easier and it would also make sense for a wider reach on this social media platform.

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