Google To Remove Sign-In For Updating Pre-Loaded Apps

A new email from Google to the App developers spoke about the company working on a new feature on the Google Play Store that will allow updating the pre-loaded Android Apps on a phone without the need of signing into the Google account. This could be very useful for the users who would like automatic updates for their pre-loaded Apps and also for the developers to make it more convenient while releasing different versions of the App.

The email read as follows:

Hello Google Play Developer,
In the coming months, Google Play will begin testing a new feature that will automatically allow Google Play to update pre-loaded apps for users who didn’t sign in to a Google account. Users have the ability to turn off this feature at any time if they wish.

This new feature will provide users with a more consistent app experience across many devices and will allow them to access the best and newest features provided by developers. This should also help developers reduce overhead costs required to support obsolete app versions.

Action required

We have identified that one or more of your apps may be pre-loaded on various devices and OS versions. We recommend that you verify that new releases of your app will work as desired with or without a Google account. Note that this change will only apply to devices shipped with Android Lollipop (API 21) or newer OS versions.

We appreciate your support as we continually work to improve our platform to ensure the best experience for users and developers.

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