Google Takes A Jab On iPhone XS With The New Night Sight Ad For Pixel 3

Google wants to show off the Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones every now and then and this time they have done it by taking a dig directly on Apple’s iPhone XS camera in the low-light photography department. Google posted a small 4 second Ad on Twitter that compares the incredible Night Sight mode on Pixel 3 phones with low-light photography mode on iPhone XS. The result will surely make the iPhone owners disappointed.

The Ad shows an image of a house by the river during the night, where you can only see a part of the house in the iPhone XS picture while the Pixel image shows every single aspect of it very clearly as you expect it to be from the Night Sight mode. Well, it really paints a bad picture of the iPhone XS and shows that any picture take by its camera in the night frame is not worth it.

Google had made a similar comparison with the iPhone during the launch of Pixel 3 devices at an event back in October 2018. In the same way, Google’s VP Product Marketing Marvin Chow shared an image today on Twitter displaying side-by-side comparison between iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3. However, the image taken by iPhone XS was just named as “Phone X”, which is just a hilarious way of poking fun at Apple.

9to5Mac also reported on this:

The bottom corner notes that the image was shot with an iPhone XS, just like the previous comparison highlighted at the 10/9 event. The Google picture shows the neon green-clad subject clearly, while her face is impossible to make out on the iPhone. As is typical for Night Sight, the dark sky is brightened and grayish with white steam visible.

In terms of lighting, Google’s technique somewhat washes out lighting in the background, but if the point of the photo is to capture the main subject many will excuse that decision.

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