Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Address Stanford University Graduates In June

Standford University has announced that they will be bringing in Apple CEO Tim Cook to deliver the commencement address for the graduates of 2019 batch on June 16. The University said that Cook will speak on a variety of topics including ethical challenges in new technologies and raising awareness about our culture, society and modern corporations.

Tim Cook is widely known to speak about privacy concerns for the new technology and innovations at many of his speeches in the past. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Stanford wants him to deliver the speech for the graduates and inform them about all the current affairs in the world of computing research and technology.

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne said:

Tim Cook has spoken forcefully of the challenges and responsibilities confronting corporations and our society today. In tackling these, he has led with vision and values – qualities that reflect the culture of our Stanford community, and that are top-of-mind for our students and our country. Tim was a natural choice to challenge and encourage our graduates as they leave our campus and find their own paths in the world.

Tim Cook said:

It’s an honor to have been invited by Stanford’s students and faculty, and I look forward to deepening the remarkable relationship that Stanford and Apple have built together over many years. We share so much more than geography. The passion, interests and creativity our institutions have in common have helped to revolutionize technology and reshape the world, and I can’t wait to join graduates, as well as their family and friends, in celebrating the even brighter possibilities of the future.

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