Apple Has A New Ad On Portrait Mode Depth Control For iPhone XS And iPhone XR

Apple had recently released a couple of Ads showing the Depth Control setting for Portrait Camera Mode in iPhone. And now after a week, Apple has released another similar Ad but a rather funny one for the very same feature on iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The company is actually focusing all their efforts currently in marketing this feature, which could be a really good camera adjustment if used correctly.

The Ad shows a couple on bed and they are having a conversation about a picture clicked on an iPhone. There is her image in the front with another guy at the back. The man questions her about the guy and she says he is the guy from work. This makes the man react in a hilarious way and he blurs the guy from the background, just leaving the image of the woman and the conversation then ends very awkwardly.

9to5mac reported:

Last week, Apple showcased Depth Control with a comical iPhone XR ad that found a mother asking why her had been “bokeh’d” out of a picture. These recent iPhone XR ads are certainly a new style for Apple, though they do a good job of highlighting the camera features of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

Apple describes the depth control feature in a very straight-forward fashion:

Depth Control on iPhone XS and iPhone XR lets you adjust the depth of field before or after you shoot. So you can blur out whoever’s in the background, to get your portraits just right.

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