Android Q Will Likely Have a New Gesture Instead Of The Back Button

Google’s Android team is looking to completely remove the back button functionality in the upcoming Android Q. According to sources, this could be replaced by a gesture which will let users go back from any App or screen by swiftly swiping left on the home button. XDA developers learned about this new update recently when they came across a leak showing a set of codes from Android Q.

On Android Pie, Google had devised a new way to get to your recent Apps with a pill shaped icon which could do the same job even faster and you simply had to swipe right or left to scroll through your active Apps. Now, the company works on removing the back button entirely from the Android system and in turn could offer the its loyal Android users with a much easier and convenient way to go back to the previous screen within any App.

Also, the scrolling animation for recent Apps are much smoother compared to Android Pie and all the gestures are pretty fluid as explained in a video by XDA. Looks like Google is constantly experimenting more of the new feature on Android Q’s early builds and it is still a long way until the company really considers them having on the final version of Q.

9to5google explained more on this:

Compared to the current implementation, this new short swipe to the right no longer take users into the full Recents menu. Rather, you are quickly moved from one app to the next via a card transition. This minimized movement does require a zoom out into the full multitasking menu, and results in an experience that feels faster and less clunky.

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