YouTube Adds Swipe Video Feature On iOS

There is a new way to navigate through YouTube videos, if you seem to have got bored by vertically scrolling through subscribed videos on the home page of the iOS App. Users can now jump to the next video by simply swiping to the left and so on. The video starts playing immediately once you hop on to the next video and you can also choose to go back to the previous video by swiping to the right.

Seems like Youtube is going the Snapchat and Instagram way, that makes use of the similar horizontal swipe method while glancing through “Stories”. Basically, it will help users to browse and skip videos quickly and not waste time tapping on each video individually. The swipe can be very convenient but it can also get annoying pretty quickly if videos that are not related to your search start showing up.

Techcrunch reports:

The change is designed to give users more control over video playback on mobile — the platform where now 70 percent of YouTube viewing is taking place.

With horizontal left-right navigation, YouTube is making it easier to move through its app, which, in turn, may increase user engagement with its video content. It also could see people start to use the app for longer periods of time every time they launch it — which means more opportunity to monetize users through advertising and other in-app purchases, like merch and virtual currency (Super Chat)

The feature will start rolling to all iOS users by this week and there is no confirmation yet about the update coming to Android.

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