U-Nest App For iOS – Save Money For Your Kid’s College Education

Saving up for your child’s college education and expenses can be challenging in this modern world. There are taxes to pay and there is always a concern for parents who don’t desire to have any debt in the future. U-Nest is an excellent App that will help you manage your monthly savings to secure your child’s education. Also, it is highly capable to show you the information based on your savings plan in seconds.

Content And Features

The App is very easy to navigate and you will find all tabs instantly. Once you open the App, you need to input the name of your child and other additional details. You can then choose to select the type of University and input the amount you can save each month. The results will show you the projections of your investments which will help you align with your future goals as a parent. Lastly, you just have to setup your bank details and you are done. The process is very simple and the app is very useful to monitor the growth in savings.

Display And Appearance

This App sticks to the standards of how a finance App should be. Very precise, fast and flexible to setup the savings account of your kid in a matter of minutes. The App has various other tools for you to check how you can better the investments over a period of time and also view the risks involved. The App also accepts gifts from your friends and relatives into the savings account, which is absolutely amazing.

Final Verdict – If you seek to have an affordable and tax-friendly way to help you build the savings for your kids, this App is definitely for you. Completely safe and secure to store your funds and get the best out of your monthly savings without having to do much research. We give it a 10/10 rating.

You can download U-Nest from App Store.

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