Voice Search On YouTube For Android Gets A Fresh Update

YouTube has improved the voice search on its Android App with new features starting today. Users can now browse around the App with new commands without having to search manually for it. This will help people get faster to what’s needed and save time whenever the App is opened to search for something within it. The voice search could be regarding your history that shows all your previously seen videos or it could simply be to show your downloaded videos.

The new changes will reflect once you get the update on your Android device and a message will be displayed on YouTube saying “New ways to search with your voice!”. When you tap the voice search icon on the top-right corner of the interface, you will be shown a full screen box that will receive your voice commands. In this box, you will see a big microphone button in red that will vibrate and listen to you as you speak before it times out. After that, you can choose to get back to pressing the voice search or continue your search with the usual navigation.

Speaking of the commands, YouTube will now accept the App’s navigation queries when you include the “Show me” phrase with your search. For example, if you say “Show me trending videos” will take you to the Trending videos tab on YouTube and you can watch all the latest uploads in a flash. However, some commands like “Show me my time watched” will not work for the moment.

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