Samsung Is Working On A Mini Smart Speaker Alongside Galaxy Home

Samsung will be giving some stiff competition to companies like Apple, Google and Amazon in the smart speaker market in the coming months. New reports claim that the company is on the brink on launching the new ‘Galaxy Home‘ smart speaker and has also started working on a second mini speaker, where the website says “Coming Soon” and states some of the features that will be available on these devices.

It feels like Samsung wants to rush in quickly into the speaker segments, and has taken to develop a mini-speaker as well based on the recent reports. The Galaxy Home will be a premium offering from the company and the Home Mini speaker will be a cheaper version just like the rival companies. The speakers will be operated by Samsung’s very own virtual assistant “Bixby” and it will support similar functionalities like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Huge advancements in AI is helping the cause of smart speakers as we are looking at new features being added everyday to make the virtual assistants as close to human as possible. The impact these home speakers will have on the users in the coming years will be very interesting to watch if AI keeps getting better.

Currently, the specifications for the Galaxy Home speakers are pretty slick with touch-enabled controls, AKG Audio, very modern design and the ability to send the output directly towards the user. The price for the device is not yet revealed, but it could be close to around $350.

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