Let’s Roam – A Great App To Enjoy Your City Outings To The Fullest

Are you going on a vacation soon or already are in the middle of one? and you need an App that will help you roam easy and entertain you at the same time? Let’s Roam by ScavangerHunt.com is the perfect choice to keep you busy during your travel in a foreign city or if you are spending a day/night in your area with your friends and family. The App offers loads of fun-filled activities and tasks and you also earn points along the way.

Content And Features

The App basically works like any other game, where you need to know some basic rules to start playing. Once you open the App and sign-in, you will be shown the map of your location with two options: “Start A Hunt” – To create your own scavenger hunt and add other fellow members and “Join A Hunt” – To enter into a scavanger hunt that is already up and running. After you choose, you will see all the nearby hunts and you can start participating in each of them along your path. The activities include answering trivia on different sights, small tasks like taking pictures and much more. Lastly, you earn coins that help you increase your leaderboard ranks and can also be used to purchase tickets for future hunts.

Display And Appearance

The App is very well designed and has all the tabs placed where you can see them clearly. However, the App somehow feels limited at the moment with the events only showing up in certain areas as people will want to explore newer areas more frequently. Apart from this, there is no confusion with the features as you get used to them pretty quickly and setting up your account takes very less time before you begin your hunt.

Final Verdict – The concept is really good and it definitely has the potential to enhance the roaming experience. The user interface and navigation are seamless and very user-friendly. We highly recommend you to try this App the next time you are planning an event or just a trip to your favourite tourist spot. We rate it 10/10.

The App is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store.

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