ReviewsCollect Helps You Track Your App Reviews

Checking for your App’s progress has become way easier than before and no matter which type of App you have and irrespective of whether it is in the nascent start up stage or at the peak delivery business stage, you have multiple sources on the internet to check every statistics of the App. While revenues and bottom line are the key indicators, you also would like to know what the end users are saying about your App and how you can make it better. Reviews are the “voice of the customer” and if you pay attention to their honest opinions and suggestions, it can’t stop you from leading over your competition.

Speaking of the multiple sources, you have specific tools in the market to help you collate the reviews in a single place. You can view the Apps from both iOS and Android platforms with all the necessary features at your disposal. You can make use of filters like month, week or even a single day and also by location or several other combinations.

One such website that comes with these unique features is, which has helped several businesses to bring to all their reviews in one place. It will give you complete flexibility to monitor your App and stay ahead of your competition with all the updates available on your fingertips. It is easy to navigate, good on the user interface and through a few clicks, you can download all the reviews on an excel sheet. Slice and dice the data endlessly to end up with your decision analytics. Or just ask them to do it for you.

The tool does not stop only there on its deliverables. It assures that you can download the reviews of any App. Any means “ANY”. That of your competition or the ones which you have been thinking of trying.

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