Photos2WebGallery – A Simple Way To Share Your Pictures On macOS

If you are a macOS user and struggling to share your Photos library with friends and family, you have reached the right place. Photos2WebGallery is an application that will help you share a HTML link of your memorable pictures which can be directly opened on the internet. This is really convenient because it will save you the effort to manually make folders on iCloud and then share it with others.

Content And Features

There is not much to explore on the App because it sticks to the basic purpose of helping you share your pictures from the Photos Library comfortably. As soon as you open this App, you will be told to select the pictures you want to share and make a folder of in the Web Gallery. The application will do all the required adjustments like cropping the pictures and putting them into a folder for you. Once complete, you will get the HTML link for this Web Gallery folder which can be opened across all browsers as mentioned by the developer.

Display And Appearance

Very basic interface and easy to understand for any user who uses macOS as it does not contain any sophisticated features. There are just a few simple steps you have to follow on the screen and photos2webgallery will do the rest for you. Sharing photos has never been this easy and that too on a MacOS device.

Final Verdict – The biggest plus point is that it saves plenty of time and does not require any other authorisation from iCloud and macOs. The photos are taken directly from your Library selection and compiled into a beautiful Web Gallery for instant sharing which is really amazing.

You can download this App from the Mac App Store for $31.99

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