Permanent Snap Feature Is Coming To Snapchat Soon

Snapchat has always been about the disappearing Snaps and videos when it launched back in 20111 and became very popular among teenagers around the world. But what if we told you that this feature could be erased soon and users will only be able to post Snaps that are longer in duration or actually permanent? Yes, we are freaked out about it too and nobody is sure as to why would the company take such a big step.

One of the spokesperson who is aware of the company’s development said that the decision for permanent Snaps is underway and it is highly possible that the company will consider it in the near future. This could have both good and bad consequences based on how a person uses the App, whether it is just for fun purpose or to get the content across more people. The permanent Snaps will definitely help for the latter and provide a better reach in social media.

When you add content to your Stories, it disappears in 24 hours and your followers will not be able to see it after it vanishes. So, the permanent Snaps will be a way to avoid this, so that the content will stay on the App for a longer time and you can have more people viewing it than before.

While it could benefit the users, Snapchat is also looking at all the legal and privacy concerns that could come with this new change. This is important because nobody wants their identity to be compromised on public posts and affect their individual lives.

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