New Leak Claims AirPods 2 Is Coming In First Half Of 2019

DigiTimes, the Chinese daily newspaper company, has released new information on AirPods 2 and estimates that this wearable device will be launching before the second half of this year. AirPods were a big success for Apple, but the company has not revealed any details yet on the developments leading to AirPods 2. This leak surely gives us a clear idea on what Apple could be planning for the coming months and it could finally unveil the AirPods 2.

The report on DigiTimes also mentioned that the Apple health monitoring features will also be supported in AirPods 2 so that the users can always be aware of their health with easy integration for iPhones and iPads:

In terms of wireless headsets, Apple is set to release AirPods 2 sometime in the first half of 2019, and the new wireless earbuds with discrete designs to carry health monitoring functions are expected to receive enthusiastic market responses. Other brand vendors have all planned to launch wireless headsets in the year, with market competition seen to heat up soon.

Currently, the AirPods are the most convenient wireless earphones to go along with your iPhone, Mac and iPad. There are touch gestures as well to control/playback music and attend calls and they can also be set to tune in separately on left and right buds. Apple had definitely carved a good first generation AirPod, but will the AirPods 2 match up to the same level and expectations? We can only wait for now and watch for any further updates on the launch.

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