New iPhones Could Have The Ability To Open Camera Based On How You Hold It

A new report on appleinsider gives an insight about the new camera technology that could be coming to 2019 iPhones. This will work by just moving your hand and placing the iPhone in the photo clicking position, which will automatically turn the camera on even if the phone is locked. There could be questions regarding the legality of this technology, but it is bound to help users who don’t want to wait before clicking the perfect shots.

This report basically revolves around an Apple patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently and the technology is described as “Apparatus and method for automatically activating a camera application based on detecting an intent to capture a photograph or a video.”

So as user simply has to hold the camera as if you already have the camera App open and willing to take a picture but instead the tech will open the camera App for you. There is no official word from Apple about this, but the report clearly explains how the tech would work and used in the future iPhones:

In its basic form, Apple suggests the mobile device can be lifted up into a stationary portrait or landscape position for a predetermined minimum period of time, as detected by onboard accelerometers. A second proximity-based sensor on the back is used to detect if there is a subject in frame or nearby that the user may wish to photograph.

Forbes also mentioned that there could be a new design:

Not everyone will like an iPhone which can automatically open its camera, but it will get people talking. It may also be enough – in conjunction with Apple’s ‘back to the future’ move – to distract buyers from missing 5G and the minimal 2019 design changes.

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