Jacks Or Better For Android – A Classic Poker Game With Endless Fun

Poker games have evolved so much through these years and you may wonder how you got every single aspect fitted perfectly on an App in your smartphone. Gone are the days when you used to play among your friends with poker cards, as your smartphone can now single handedly do all the tasks for you with a single tap. Jacks or Better from Zarzilla Games is a fresh take on this casino genre where there are already several games on the Play Store competing with each other like our PPPoker review.

The game in itself is very basic and the user does not have to learn much about Poker unless they are new to the rules and want to try it. The game starts of giving you a opening bonus reward which you can use to for your first play. Then you have to tap on the first location which will bring up the gameplay interface with the cards decked and ready to go. Newer locations can be unlocked by reaching higher levels as you progress through the game.

Poker is usually fascinating and fast paced, so you need to be on your toes at all times and think ahead to get the best out of your bets. The game also displays how much you will win for each hand, with upto $50,00,000 in winnings if you get extremely lucky with a Royal Flush. But of course this is a free game and you will be playing with virtual cash, but your rewards and winnings do add up to the overall leaderboard.

The design is very minimal but it adds to the flair of the overall gameplay and does not interrupt with the player’s focus to win better hands. You can view your current level on the top-left of the screen and can also buy more coins with “real cash” on the top-right if luck does not favour you and you end up loosing all the coins.

Jacks or Better is smart, challenging, has good visuals and all the fun that you need in a Poker game and is absolutely free to download from the Google Play Store.

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