Instagram Stories Touches 500M Users Daily

Instagram now officially has more users on its Stories when compared to Snapchat, based on a new report that claims that there are over 500 million people using Stories feature on the photo-sharing platform every single day. Stories allow you to share your daily moments with your friends and followers who can view it for 24 hours, after which it disappears. It was originally seen in Snapchat, which Instagram seems to have copied later on.

The number of users hit 400 million in June 2018 which then kept on climbing swiftly and now the company has also announced a few changes that will be implemented after reaching this milestone as reported on Techcrunch:

Encryption and ephemerality will be added to more features for security and privacy

Messaging features will make Messenger and WhatsApp “the center of [your] social experiences”

WhatsApp payments will expand to more countries

Stories will gain new private sharing options

Groups will become an organizing function of Facebook on par with friends & family

Facebook Watch will become mainstream this year as video is moved there from the News Feed, Zuckerberg expects

Augmented and virtual reality will be improved, and Oculus Quest will ship this spring

Instagram commerce and shopping will get new features

Instagram is not leaving any room for Snapchat as it has almost 314 more users on Stories where Snap Stories users stand at just 186 million users. This is definitely a big margin and success for Facebook and they will keep trying to cash in on this opportunity by bringing in more revenue through advertisers and other revenue streams.

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