Instagram Has Made Things Easier For Reposting, With Support For Multiple Accounts

Instagram has added yet another new feature for all of it’s iOS users. The feature will let you post your feeds on all of your accounts at once. Earlier, this was not possible and users had to separately login in to each account for posting. Looks like the company is continually making things easier for the users and not letting any shortcoming get in the way for the App.

There were rumours a few months ago on this very same feature, which the company had denied working on. But now, it has actually taken it seriously and launched it on the social media platform. Reposting can be a bit of a hassle while using multiple accounts and this features helps you manage all your accounts at once from the same screen. It could probably change how the App works right now and prove to be a winner among all other features.

A spokesperson for Instagram said:

We are only testing this on Android. You have been able to share to feed from Google photos on Android before but the ability to do so was hidden behind a couple of different steps so we’re up-leveling that ability to make it easier.

The report on Techcrunch mentions more on this:

Once users select a photo or video to post, the Instagram for iOS composer screen for adding captions and tags now includes toggle switches for syndicating the post to your other accounts to which you’re logged in. We’ve asked whether the feature will come to Android (I’d assume so in the future) and Stories (anyone’s guess), but Instagram hasn’t responded. You still can’t regram posts by other people, or your own after you publish.

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