Google Resolves Audio Quality Bug For Pixel 3 With The New Update

Google has finally released a fix for audio issues while recording videos on Google Pixel 3 smartphones. The update was released today and it also comes along with other minor fixes for bugs faced by the Pixel 3 users. The users of older Pixel models like Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel and Pixel XL are also getting this new update and it is available to download for free if they are facing the same bugs.

The users of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL had reported about the audio quality issues on social media platforms like Reddit. Since the fix is now available, users are claiming to have major improvements after the update. Here is what some of the users had to say:

I love the Pixel and this is why! Monthly updates that fix real issues.

I mean I got a 1000$ phone I expect it to be perfect. I had to root and install viper to fix the buzzing speaker ffs

I did a little test pre and post the January 5 2019 update for a simple comparison. Huge improvement to previously tinny crackly audio.

It’s nice that they finally fixed this. After having software mic issues from noice cancellation two years in a row. One has to wonder if they’ll make the same mistake again with the 4

Pixel phones have some of the best cameras for photography and users are definitely going to be disappointed to record videos with poor audio. Its good news that the update is helping several users already and they can start shooting high quality videos like before.

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