Gmail App Gets A Design Upgrade With Material Theme, Now Available On iOS And Android

Google is rolling out a newer version of Gmail starting today, based on the Material Theme design that can be seen across few of the other Google Apps. The redesign will come with unique stylings and fonts that can be seen on the latest update of the App in iOS and Android. This comes after Google had added the new design to the Gmail website last year and had received a good response from the users.

Compared to the older version of the Gmail App, the newer one seems to have let go of the trademark red bar at the top and is replaced by a search bar now. This is interesting because the interface looks more clear now with all the tabs gelling together in a white background. This make it easier for the user to not get confused while searching for or browsing through mails as the black fonts remain distinct over the white theme.

9to5Google reported:

One benefit to the bright design is how labels and other colors immediately standout in the conversations lists. Meanwhile, photos, documents, and other attachments will be displayed inline right in the conversations lists for quick access.

New Google Material Theme icons that feature bolded outlines and hollow interiors are leveraged throughout the redesign, while Gmail will now also display large red banner warnings for “dangerous” messages. On tablets and other large-screened interfaces, the rounded selection indicators are used to note the message you’re currently viewing.

The update comes very late as Google had announced about the refreshed Gmail way back in July 2018. But as it has finally hit the shelves, we are sure people will like to get their hands on the update and enjoy the new user experience.

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