Fake Apps Found On Google Play Store Once Again

Google has been taking strict steps against fake and malware bound Apps on the Play Store since a year, but a set of 15 GPS Apps have reported to be fake by Lukas Stefanko, who frequently tweets about malware in Apps. Also, these Ads are reportedly targeting the users who download it to make money, which is definitely a serious concern to a consumer’s security.

The Tweet by the malware researcher had some images of the fake GPS Apps attached and highlighted and said:

I tested over 15 fake GPS Navigation apps with over 50,000,000 installs from #GooglePlay that violate Google rules.

These apps just open Google Maps or use their API without any additional value for user, except for displaying ads.

Some of them don’t even have proper app icon.

These fake GPS Apps comes with misleading Ads that force the users to pay without even realising that they may have been fooled. Also, these Apps have over 50 Million downloads which is just staggering considering these Apps are pure malware and try stealing the consumer’s identity.

The Firstpost report said:

Some apps even asked for money to remove those ads, while others asked access to the Android device’s dialer and other permissions that a navigation app would generally not need and could very well pose a security risk for the user.

Google is in the midst of reviewing these apps, an important take away from this is for users would be to be completely careful of the apps that they install. Always make sure to see who the developer of the app is — go for the trusted companies and developers.

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