Call Screen On Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 XL Gets A New Feature

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were released in October last year and it also came with a very useful feature of call screening for dealing with telemarketers and spammers. “Call Screen” works using Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology and answers the caller in an automated voice. Initially, the users could only read the transcripts of these automated conversations but now they can also listen to them live with a small tweak that was posted by a user on Reddit.

Call Screen is mainly powered by Google Assistant that takes the call and then responds to it with a virtual voice immediately. Thanks to the Reddit user, you can now listen to this conversation secretly without a drop of hint going to the spam caller. It is very easy and only involves you holding down the volume button on the Pixel phone as mentioned on Android Authority:

To listen in during a Call Screen conversation, simply turn the volume up using the volume rocker and the audio will play through the phone’s speakers. Once again, you’ll be able to hear the human caller and Google Assistant’s responses, but the caller won’t be able to hear you.

This could be fun and shocking at the same time, because you don’t have to do anything and just simply hear to what the spammer is trying to say. Also, it saves your time dealing with these unwanted calls that could possibly ruin your focus on work. This Call Screen feature is only available on the Pixel devices for now and there is no information yet on the availability in other Android phones.

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