Apple Is Eyeing To Launch Its Video Streaming Service By April

New reports for Apple’s online video streaming service says that the company is expected to bring it as early as April of 2019. There has been a lot of talk in the past year about Apple signing up deals with hollywood production houses and famous celebs to bring its own original content to users around the world. This service will also take on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and will also look to offer a wide range of content across different languages.

Apple already has it’s individual services for music, news, Apps and others. The entry into media streaming will be very much new for the company as it will be looking to bring in millions of people signing up right on the first day of the launch. considering its Apple, the fans are eagerly waiting for the service or at least get a glimpse of what’s in store for them.

However, with established players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Apple will have a big challenge on its hand to attract users that are already using these video services and make them jump to their platform. Reports say that this not-yet named video service from Apple will also include shows from popular platforms like HBO and STARZ.

The basic subscription for new viewers is expected to be free, while there would be viewing plans similar to Netflix which can be unlocked only after paying. Video streaming platforms have gained immense popularity in the past 5 years as it is convenient and also legal to view your favourite shows and only requires you to login in on a single App.

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