AirPods 2 Will Support “Hey Siri”

We all know by now that AirPods 2 will definitely come with the health monitoring features and is expected to launch by the first half of this year. New reports are now claiming that this upcoming wearable device will also include the “Hey Siri” voice command feature. The users will be able to setup this functionality in seconds from their iPhone with a pop up display that says:

Talk to Siri with your AirPods or iPhone by saying “Hey Siri”. Set up “Hey Siri.”

Apple says that it will be adding this exclusive feature for AirPods 2 in the next version of iOS, which is iOS 12.2. Once you get this update on your iPhone, you will be able to link Siri with the AirPods 2 immediately. However, there is no launch date for the AirPods 2 for now and all of this can only be validated once we have the device in our hands to check and compare with the previous version.

The Verge explained about the beta iOS builds and its uncertainty:

There’s no telling when iOS 12.2 will be rolled out to consumers, unfortunately, so it’s hard to predict when the new AirPods might show up. Each iOS update usually goes through several beta revisions before a wide public release, so it could be a month or two if not longer.

Currently, the AirPods does not have the voice command functionality and many users had given their feedback to Apple saying that the Hey Siri integration is what’s missing and could be a great upgrade on the AirPods 2. This may be mainly because how convenient the earbuds are as it allows the user to do multiple task at the same time like attending calls, listening to music along with the user-friendly touch gestures.

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