5 Best Sleep Apps For Insomnia

Sleep is an essential part of everyday life and lack of it can make you sulk even with the simplest of tasks from morning to evening. Whether you are failing to sleep for 7-8 hours or you suffer from Insomnia, here’s our list of 5 best sleep Apps for both iOS and Android platforms which will help you get the much needed rest. You will feel completely relaxed and calm as these Apps track your sleep pattern and paint a better picture of your overall health.

Relax Melodies

One of the best App to induce sleep and be energetic with your day. Relax Melodies has over 30,000k downloads and is trusted by millions of people worldwide. It has been specifically designed for people who want to combat Insomnia, with loads of different sounds and frequencies that will leave your mind stress free. You can combine the different melodies and build your own soundtrack to improve your sleep cycle and sleep quality.

Sleep Genius

This App is based on scientific research and neurology and the creators have also worked with NASA in the past. You get to use various sleep programs that have been developed keeping in mind the science of sleep patterns and its effects on the human brain. Apart from insomnia, the App also aims to help users to improve overall health and avoid heart diseases and obesity which are the major causes of sleep deprivation.


A great App to tackle your busy lifestyle and get rid of your tension and negative thoughts on the day-to-day matters of life. The App revolves around several meditation techniques that will help you become a better human being and take on the challenges in life positively. Your Insomnia will reduce faster and each of your activity can be tracked that will keep you motivated towards your personal goals.


Sleepio is created by Dr.Prof. Colin Espie, a renowned sleep expert who says that every sleep problem can be tackled with proper CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques. The App works best for Insomnia by building a good sleep schedule and invite better thoughts. Stay on track with the sessions and reap the benefits of a good sleep. You can also import and export your sleep data anywhere and stay connected with all your health Apps.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

A very basic App to relax and unwind after a stressful day, with soothing sounds of nature to help ease the mind and make you feel better. Retain your focus and concentration by listening to these sounds: thunder, rain, water, jungle and a few others. Also, very handy to meditate and energise before working on an important task and sleep faster to avoid the symptoms of Insomnia in the long run.

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