5 Best Sports Games For iOS

You must be enjoying a lot of sports games on your iPhone/iPads on a daily basis, but there are many other interesting games for football, boxing and more that you need to check out right away. Here’s a list of the 5 best sports games for iOS which include all the action and thrills of successful sporting franchises. Whether you seek the excitement of racing or looking for something new, these games are bound to keep you hooked on to your seat.

Touchgrind BMX 2

This game follows up to the original incredible Touchgrind BMX which gathered immediate attention of gamers around the world and was pretty successful with the downloads. The second instalment is no less entertaining and offers even better graphics and landscapes while you zoom around with your BMX bike. The tricks are insane and you will be left exploring for more till the end.

Real Boxing 2

Get the boxer inside of you alive with this heart-thumping game, which is also the successor to the widely successful game Real Boxing. The game has super cool graphics and it offers crazy action filled scenarios that will make you jump from your seat. You can unlock a lot of items and upgrades to make a mark in the boxing ring. Also a new inclusion is the Rocky theme, which is too good to miss.

Dream League Soccer

A fun soccer game that brings brilliant gameplay on your hands and does not compromise on the action even though the graphics are not as great as expected. Any football fan will love it for the simplicity and the different modes on offer. It has all the latest players and teams from across different clubs which you use to build your best team. Best part is that the game is completely free to download on the App Store.

Tennis Champs Season 3

A treat for the lovers of retro gaming genre with simple touch controls for an action packed tennis game. The tiny players are so much fun, but scoring points frequently will take a bit of practise as the game is not for amateurs. A few minutes into the game and you will have yourself playing an intense match just like how professionals do in a real match situation. The creators have done a pretty decent job here with splendid visuals and overall imagination.

Unicycle Hero

A mindless game that is enjoyable even on your commute. You have a character that throws objects and scores points, while balancing on a unicycle and trying to stay afloat. Though the chance of failing are more than throwing the objects further, the points will help you improve your agility and strength to make you better with time. There are several objects you can choose to throw and you score the highest points for every long throw you attempt.

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