iPhone XR Has Outsold iPhone XS, Will Lead Over iPhone XS Max Soon

New data on the sales of 2018 iPhones throws a new insight on how each of the iPhones are competing with each other. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR has taken over the sale numbers of iPhone XS and is estimated to take over iPhone XS Max soon. Although, the iPhone XR was only available a few months after the higher variants, it has still left a mark in the market and continues to outnumber predictions by the company.

This report for iPhones is done by market-research firm Mixpanel, who have previously put forward analysis for the sales of iPhone X. The report has been represented in the form of a growth chart, which shows the iPhone XR clearly ahead in the competition and just a little behind iPhone XS Max, which is expected to be covered soon.

Recently we had heard on the number of Android users switching to iPhone XR, more than the higher end models. There is still a question on why this cheaper variant is getting all the attention and praise, going on to become the best selling product from Apple by next month.

Ubergizmo explains about the popularity of iPhone XR:

Granted it doesn’t sport an OLED display or a dual camera setup, but it still offers up the same performance thanks to the use of a similar chipset and clever photo software that mimics what the dual lens can do. That being said despite the iPhone XR poised to overtake the iPhone XS Max, it still doesn’t necessarily paint a very good look overall.

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